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D&AD 2021 Winners

Merck ‘Microplastic Journey’, graded by Jack, and Idles ‘War’ graded by Tim, both shortlisted at D&AD 2021


Merck ‘Microplastic Journey’

Shortlist / Editing / Film / 2021

Shortlist / Cinematography / Film

Shortlist / Sound Design & Use of Music / Sound Design

Despite tight regulations, the cosmetic and personal care industry is still a major contributor of microplastic to the environment. So, to highlight the ecosystems affected by microplastic (and promote Merck’s sustainable alternatives) Fork Unstable Media sent business audiences on a Microplastic Journey. The film follows a particle on a dizzying point-of-view trip to the human food chain, combining chaos and calm to tell a poignant, sensory story. The film invites viewers to take a test to reveal the number of particles they consume and produce daily. The film has amassed 18m views and over 100k completed tests.

Grade by Jack

Produced by RadicalMedia

Directed by: Quentin Van Den Bossche

Director of Photography: James Medcraft

Watch it HERE.



Wood Pencil / Music Videos / Editing / 2021

Idles’ ‘War’ is a story of pain, alleviation and compassion expressed through hands.

Grade by Tim

Produced by Ground Work

Directed by Will Dohrn

Watch it HERE.

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