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Must-See TV Shows of 2022

Need something to get hooked on in 2022?

Three shows on this must-see list by The Guardian were graded right here at Cheat by Toby


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‘This Is Going To Hurt’ (BBC/AMC)

Adapted from Adam Kay’s wildly successful and hilarious book of the same name (which was scribbled down in diary form during breaks), this series follows the travails of a junior doctor in the NHS. It has been in the pipeline for some time and was delayed, ironically, by the pandemic which has, to say the least, sharpened our appreciation for our overworked, undervalued medical professionals. Ben Whishaw stars. 

‘Superhoe’ (BBC/AMC) 

This drama has been heralded as the next Fleabag, given that it, too, started out as a one-woman stage show with a flair for the funnies and emotional heft. Creator Nicôle Lecky stars as Sasha Clayton – a 25-year-old wannabe singer and rapper whose attempts to fend for herself become ever more desperate after she is evicted by her family. 

‘Heartstopper’ (Netflix)

If there’s one thing TV needs more of, it’s credible adaptations of LGBTQ+ narratives. Hence some of the excitement around this eight-part reworking of Alice Oseman’s Tumblr-born graphic novel of a gay high school romance. The story of Nick and Charlie, two British teens at a boys’ grammar school who fall in love, also looks set to showcase new and exciting talent, including Yasmin Finney, a Black Manchester-based transgender woman – and TikTok star.

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