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Jack McGinitySenior Colourist

Jack McGinity is a highly versatile senior colourist working broadly across advertising, narrative, music and fashion. Nike, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Virgin Media, ASOS, Sainsbury’s, Balenciaga and Calvin Klein all feature in his varied commercial portfolio. Throughout every grade, he prioritises enhancing the message and emotion of the work. He does this dressed completely in black because he feels it makes him look more arty and he can also disappear on Zoom calls if needed.

As well as streaming on sites such as Netflix, Amazon and Mubi, Jack’s narrative work is regularly awarded at global film festivals, including European Short Film Festival, BFI, Iris, London Short Film Festival, and more, with notable projects being Raine Allen Miller's BAFTA nominated debut feature 'Rye Lane' (2023), Netflix's double EMMY winning 'Tiny Creatures' and BAFTA nominated Such Brave Girls for BBC Three. This year 'Gorka', graded by Jack, was one of five short films nominated at BAFTA.

Jack’s jovial yet professional nature explains his huge number of long-standing relationships with directors including Raine Allen-Miller. He has also graded work by esteemed DoPs such as Robbie Ryan, Daniel Landin and Ben Fordesman.

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