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Julia RossettiColourist

Julia Rossetti is a highly creative colourist. She sees grading as an art very similar to music. Through experimentation and unique combinations, she creates something harmonious and unique, just as a composer layers instruments. 

Julia has worked with directors including Sarah C. Prinz, I AM HERE, Austin William Simkins, MANSON, Kean Shaw, Ben Miethke, Pavel Buryak, Roger Gonzalez, Bobby Hanaford, Felix Aaron, Valentin Hansen, Gian Rivera and Jon Primo. She’s worked with DoPs such as Gaul Porat, Nikita Kuzmenko, Pablo Clemente, Corey C. Waters, Albert Salas, Cory Burmester, Uri Barcelona, Konstantin Mazov, Neema Sadeghi, Carles F. Galí and Toni Llobet.Her distinguished brand work has encompassed diverse world-leading names including Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Dezi, Loewe, MCM, Ribs, Gilette, Nissan, Skoda and Mango.

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