The Magic Of Craft

Vlad BarinColourist

As a Colourist at CHEAT, Vlad Barin works across a diverse range of projects – everything from award-winning short films and animations to commercials and music videos. He brings bold fresh ideas to everything he touches, whatever the format.

Vlad’s personal highlights include working on the 2017 BAFTA Short Animation winner ‘A Love Story’; the short film ‘Come Out of The Woods’ for which the cinematographer Anna Macdonald was nominated for the Camera Image Student Etudes award; Malle’s ‘Prepared to Get Lost’ video; Clean Bandit’s ‘Mama’; and Mist feat Fredo ‘So High’. 

He’s worked with brands including Vogue, Dior, BBC, Nike, BMW and Just Eat, and with directors such as Luis Cross, Calum Mcdiarmid, Eric Maldin, Rollo Hollins.