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BFI LSFF screens eight films coloured by Toby and Vlad

Huge congratulations to all the teams involved in the amazing films that were screened at the BFI London Short Film Festival!

Thrive, All The Trimmings, Pompeii, Rushes, White Rocks, toni_with_an_i, My Sweet Prince and The Trap all featured.

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​Colourist: Vlad Barin

Directed by Jamie Di Spirito​

​​All The Trimmings

​Colourist: Vlad Barin

​Cheat Producer: Louise Baker

Directed by ​Thomas Edwards


​Colourist: Vlad Barin

​Cheat Producer: Thea Dagnaud

​Directed by Harry Lighton / Marco Alessi / Matthew Morgan



​Colourist: Vlad Barin

​Directed by Benedict Cohen

White Rocks

​Colourist: Vlad Barin

​Colour Producer Franky Chadwick

Directed by ​Carmen Mueck


Colourist: Vlad Barin

​Directed by Marco Alessi

Cinematography by Dave Pimm

​My Sweet Prince

Colourist: Toby Tomkins

​Directed by Jason Bradbury

Cinematography by Anna maccc

Produced by Grace Carroll

The Trap

​Colourist: Toby Tomkins

​Director: Lena Headey

​Cinematography: Jon Muschamp

​Editor: Eve Doherty

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