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Cheat Looks: LUT Creation Service

Calling all you creatives, directors and cinematographers! We’re announcing the launch of ‘CHEAT LOOKS’.

There’s one free session available every week on a first come, first served basis and it’s just like a normal grading session. You can work with a colourist of your choice on your own material to find a look that brings to life the vision intended for the project. This look will then be saved as a LUT, which will contain the look and can be easily used on set and in the offline edit to transform the camera material to the intended look. The closer the test material is to the final material for the look to be used on, the more creative we can be… so if you have a shoot coming up, get booked in and get your look locked down and ready!

We’re also offering a paid-for ‘look profiling’ service, which allows an existing look of a favoured still or motion picture film stock (or even a look created in Photoshop or Lightroom) to be extracted and used. This could be a game changer for sharing ideas and creating looks between artists, especially photographers & fine artists.

Both services are available now, so please get in touch via to find out more & book your slot. We look forward to working with you & to helping create amazing looks that realise your vision!

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