The Magic Of Craft

The British Short Film Awards 2023

The long list includes nine films graded at Cheat!



Director: Warda Mohamed 

Cinematographer: Olan Collardy

Colour grade: Jonny Tully


Director: Joe Weiland

Cinematography: Harry Wheeler

Colour grade: Jack McGinity

Meet Me By The Sea

Director: Jack Madley, Joe Madley

Cinematographer: Joe Cook

Colour grade: Toby Tomkins

The Date

Director: Amy Hodge

Cinematographer: Beatriz Sastre

Colour grade: Karol Cybulski

You’re Absolutely Right

Director: Theo Gee & Ian Bousher

Cinematographer: Brendan Harvey

Colour grade: Karol Cybulski

A Fox In The Night

Director: Keeran Anwar Blessie

Cinematographer: Samira Oberberg

Colour grade: Karol Cybulski

Pillar To Post

Director: Sam Wright

Cinematographer: Si Lakos

Colour grade: Vlad Barin


Director: Jimmy Dean

Cinematographer: Anna MacDonald

Colourist: Vlad Barin


Director: Nick Alexander

Cinematographer: Toby Lloyd

Colour grade: Mara Ciorba

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