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The Full Gamut podcast

In need of some midweek inspiration? We’re SO excited to share Toby’s new podcast, The Full Gamut, which aims to dig a little deeper into the creative minds behind the best work in film and advertising, and hopefully, see the bigger picture. ⁠

Episode 1 explores the intangible last 10% and features three incredible guests - Lucy Forbes, Rollo Hollins & Rina Yang.⁠

⁠Lucy Forbes, known for her unique, witty perspective, and a powerful story-teller through and through, Lucy is one of the leading voices of a new generation of comedy directors in the UK, known most recently for TEOTFW Season 2 and ‘In My Skin’.

⁠Rollo Hollins - a multi disciplinary director that always uses the medium of film with remarkable sensitivity to the human condition across a broad range of commercial and narrative work.

⁠Rina Yang - a former rising star in the world of cinematography who is now a super-nova of talent and discipline. She continues to add value to every production she touches through her sensitivity to image, relentlessly driving forward emotion and story.

You can listen right now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!



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