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HDR Commercials

While mastering to HDR for TV and films has been common place for a while, we’re switching our attention to HDR Advertising.

In the last few years it has become standard for mobile devices and televisions to support HDR, with the trend projected to continue. Platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV and even Instagram and TikTok are now supporting HDR video, proving there is now a sizeable and growing user base that has access.

Last week in British Cinematographer, Toby made the case for mastering to HDR for commercials. 

“As filmmakers, we are constantly searching for ways to enhance narrative and move storytelling forward with our imagery. DPs and colourists use the magic of their craft to achieve this. With the dramatic increase of HDR presentation online, it’s time to start considering HDR for commercials as it can give us more magic to play with.”

Read it, here.

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