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'Loki's Game' now streaming on Apple TV

Kinetic short film ‘Loki’s Game’ has been selected for the British Urban Film Festival, and as a result is now screening on Apple TV via the festival.

Grade by Karol.

A fusion of kinetic choreography with narrative storytelling with strong performances from Axel Nu and Andrew Lyle-Pinnock. Selected for the British Urban Film Festival in the ‘Arthouse’ category. A Supple Nam/Johan Nayar Film which is now being shown on Apple TV. Watch it here.

Set in an urban environment, Loki, the God of Mischief, descends to play his games. He manifests himself in a human form during a fight between two men, and starts to change the dynamic of the fight from something aggressive to something more surreal. The film explores physical movement through a unique lens with an equally distinctive soundtrack.

This is the first collaboration between Supple and Johan which is a visceral, visual and sonic experience. Supple has worked with many acts as a choreographer including names such as the Chemical Brothers. He met Johan through a mutual friend and they decided to co-direct a short film together. It fused Supple’s imaginative choreography skills with a loosely narrative storyline as well as an original score and creative edit by Johan. Loki’s game is the result.

***Festivals and Awards***BUFF - Official Selection (BAFTA Qualifying - and available on Apple TV)English Riviera Film Festival - Official SelectionSmall Wonders - An Exhibition of Tiny Arts and Film - Official SelectionFilmFest by Rogue Dancer - Official Selection

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