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Tim talks VFX with LBB

Our Senior Flame artist Tim Mellem talks AI, the end of green screen, creative milestones, and why time management is so important in post.

Tim Mellem is a senior flame artist at Cheat. Having worked in post production for over 20 years, and in highly respected companies including Sky, MPC, Untold and Youngster, he has helmed a vast range of projects for major brands such as Apple, Jaguar, Coca Cola, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Huawei and many more.

A big fan of creative collaboration, Tim enjoys the intricacies of delivering premium projects and thrives off the energy that comes from running attended Flame sessions.

2021 saw Tim bring his technical knowhow and creative flair to Cheat - kick starting their online and VFX department - and has since worked on numerous commercial projects of note including George at ASDA’s ‘Arrive Like You Mean It’ which had everyone talking; from industry publications to Grazia, Nick Grimshaw, Mo Gilligan and JLS’s JB.

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