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We've had a makeover!

Welcome to CHEAT 2.0!

We’re stepping into 2021 with a fresh face and hopeful spring in our step. Introducing an aspirational new chapter with a bold rebrand befitting an evolution. An acknowledgement of why we started, how far we’ve come and where we’re headed.

2020 was a difficult and introverted year for all of us. While the pandemic shut down the world, there were glimmers of hope and change that were born out of this turbulent time, and so we’ve made some changes (and commitments) of our own that we can’t wait to share with you.

Community commitment

Our rebrand signifies a marked commitment to our values, and a promise to our team, clients, community and planet to create a lasting, positive impact through a comprehensive programme of environmental initiatives, inclusion and diversity, policy, education and mentorship programs.

Just as a start, we’re on the road to:

* B-Corp status 

* being carbon neutral

* rolling out new policies in our hiring process

* partnering with other post houses to create opportunities for all

* joining 1% for the planet scheme

Read more about us and our values here.

Full-service post production

We’ve expanded our offering, in many ways. We have some exceptionally talented partners in VFX, DIT, and Audio Post, who we work closely with to deliver nimble but robust 360 post solutions, meaning; we can now take on all of your post production above and beyond grading and online! Find out about our services here.

New talent

We’re broadening our possibilities by welcoming three freelance colourists to our UK roster. Mike Bothe, Florian Stark & Julia Rosetti, based outside of the UK, will be available on request for remote commercial projects. See their work here.

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