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London Short Film Festival 2021

Three films Vlad graded have made the selection and are being shown at London Short Film Festival between 15th and 24th January.

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Ellen Evans

Tracing the experiences of two Jamaican-born Brits who have been forcibly returned to their ‘home country’, alongside the story of a Windrush-generation man denied re-entry to the UK, this documentary explores what it really means for someone to ‘go back home’.

Showing in event: 

20/01/21, 18:30

DOCUMENTARY: System Failure



Daisy Moore

Dara and Sophie’s once friendship is now only sustained by likes, memes and ever-delayed meet-ups. When Sophie commits suicide, Dara is faced with some news that force her to look behind the surface of Sophie’s last messages and posts.

Showing in event: 

17/01/21, 13:00

NEW SHORTS: London Lives


HOME BY 8.30

Perry White

In a tumultuous evening, a teenager is challenged by two contrasting realities that he is determined to never let crossover.

Showing in event: 

19/01/21, 16:00

NEW SHORTS: This Is Me Trying

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