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1.4 Awards Longlist

We’re so proud to see fourteen projects we worked on in 1.4’s longlist this year! Congratulations to our colourists, producers and team, as well as all the talented DoPs, directors and crews we worked with. Fingers crossed for more exciting news to come!

Scroll down for more about each project, or see the longlist on 1.4’s website. 


Colour by Toby

Short film ‘Paradiso’ premiered on NOWNESS. A poetic snapshot of life on the Calabrian coast, starring a pensive local man longing for simplicity.

Directed by Jan Vrhovnik

Written by Ana Kerin

Producer: Matej Marinko

Edit: Andy Sowerby

Colour :Toby Tomkins 

Colour Producer: Louise Baker

Sound design: Björn Swoboda

Original score by Nico Casal

Starring: Giovanni Mimmo Mancuso



Colour by Toby

“Ben (Loyle Carner) and Molly really wanted a filmic look for this to compliment the embodiment of time that this video takes place in. We all feel that film is timeless so we planned for a film-out. While preparing the footage for the film out I used a film emulation LUT to preview the effect. Although the film-out looked great, it was a little too heavy in places. We tried mixing the two together but we decided that the film emulation with a bit of extra emulation work based off the actual print gave us nicer results and this is what we went for with the final grade. Would be good to know what everyone thinks!” - Toby

Director - Coyle-Larner Brothers

Producer - Rosie Brear

EP - Stitch Richardson

EP - Greg Hackett

Prod Company - Spindle

Commissioner - James Hackett

Artist Manager - Tommo Greer

DOP - Molly Manning Walker

Casting - Anna Kennedy

Production Designer - Charlotte King

Editor - Tim Swaby

Colourist - Toby Tomkins 

Post Producer - Barny Wright

VFX - Jim Allen and Antonio Jimenez @ No8



Colour by Vlad

OUR PLASTIC BEACH is a short film about a young girl who discovers the importance of tackling plastic pollution on her local beach.

Director Chris Thomas said: “I hope this film highlights not only the problems we face with plastic pollution but the importance of educating and inspiring the younger generation. With a resurgence of single-use plastic as a result of Covid19, waves of plastic continue to crash against our shores.”

It was shot just before UK lockdown, on the Isle of Anglesey, Wales.

Produced & Directed by Chris Thomas

Director of Photography: Lee Thomas

Camera Assistant: Joshua Armstrong

Props: Richard Standen

Edit: Ben Cowan @ Cut+Run

Colourist: Vlad Barin

Sound: Mark Hills & James Utting @ Factory

Composer: Tom Player

Violinist: Jonathan Hill



Colour by Vlad

‘Hesitation’ for Pride in London shows a real representation of the kind of conversations that are happening right now. Filmed during lockdown, featuring real life couple Molly and Clare.

Director: Chris Fowles

Producer: Alex White

Production Company: Jealous Films

Director of Photography: Terrence Wilkins

Camera Assistant: Marti Guiver

Gaffer: Hollie Mapp

Colourist: Vlad Barin, Cheat

Colour Producer: Théa Dagnaud

Editor: Flaura Atkinson, Stitch

Sound Recordist: Liam Walters

Production Designer: Kat Hawker Art Director: Bonnie Hamilton

Creative: Katie McGuinness Writer: Geoff Gedroyc



Colour by Tim

One for the sneaker heads as Nike celebrate 30 years of Air Max 90.

Director - Felix Brady

Production - Stink Berlin

DoP - Pat Aldinger

​Colourist - Tim Smith 

VFX - Mikko Ruostila



Colour by Vlad.

‘David Lynch meets JG Ballard in an underground car park’.

Director: Calum Macdiarmid

DoP: Max Witting

Grade: Vlad Barin

Colour Producer: Théa Dagnaud

Prod: Great Guns

Choreography: Isabella Mahmoud

Edit: Will Cole

Producer: Mathilde Stone

Costume: Natalie Wilkins



Colour by Jack

Falling in love is hard in this adaptation of spoken word poet Neil Hilborn’s beloved poem ‘OCD’.⁣⁣⁣

Directed by Jesse Lewis Reece⁣⁣⁣⁠

Cinematography by Evangelos Polychronopoulos

⁣⁣⁣Produced by Ike Newman & Jesse Lewis-Reece

Production: You Are Here

⁣⁣⁣Production Design by Lottie Geliot ⁣⁣⁣⁠

⁣⁣⁣Art Direction by Julia Morgantti Minchillo

⁣⁣⁣Colourist: Jack McGinity @ Cheat

⁣⁣⁣Sound Design by Oliver Mapp ⁣⁣⁣⁠

⁣⁣V.O Technician Harvey Gunn ⁣⁣⁠

⁣⁣⁣Original Score by Oliver Mapp⁣⁣⁣⁠

⁣⁣⁣Edited by Jesse Lewis Reece⁣⁣⁣⁠



Colour by Tim

Colourist - Tim Smith

Colour Producer - Olivia Jessop ​

​Director - ROGELIO 

Production - CANADA

DoP - Christopher Ripley

VFX - No8

Film print/scan - Cinelab London



Colour by Tim

Melting for You is a piece that highlights the environmental threat of fast fashion.From the toxic dyes used in the manufacturing to the landfill caused by unsold items, fast fashion is playing a significant role in climate change, rise of sea levels and pollution.

Directed by Stella Asia Consonni

Production: Object & Animal

DoP: Jordan Thomas

Edit: Jack Williams @ Assembly Rooms

Colour Producer: Ray Okudzeto

Process and Scan: Cinelab London

Motion picture stock: Kodak



A story of pain, alleviation and compassion expressed through hands.

Colour by Tim.

Director - Will Dohrn

Director of Photography - Harry Wheeler

Producer - Mel Giles

Executive Producer - Aaron Z. Willson

Production Company - Ground Work

Edit - Will Dohrn

Colour - Tim Smith 

Colour Producer - Lauren Jones

Record Label - Partisan Records



Colour by Toby

‘How The Light Gets In’, is a truly global film collaboration, with 7 directors shooting remotely across 6 countries. You Are Here created this unique film alongside Cheat, Tenthree, Wave and UNIT, all working remotely, as an ode to stillness: A cinematic contemplation of life in lockdown across the world.

Directors: Marko Roth, Edward Copestick, Jesse Lewis Recce, Alex Tiernan, Sebastian Linda, Ryan Schude, The Fridman Sisters.

Production: You Are Here

Grade: Toby Tomkins

Sound: Jack Sedgwick @ Wave

Edit: Ellie Johnson @ Tenthree

Titles: Tom Wansbrough-Jones @ UNIT



Colour by Toby

A celebration of director Craig’s Mum’s relationship with horses, reflecting on the growth of their family and life itself. 

Director - Craig Bingham 

Production - Dadbodfilms 

Exec producer - Robert Wildsmith

DP - Adric Watson

Colour - Toby Tomkins

Original music - Guss Collins

Sound design - Aaron Taffel



Colour by Toby

‘Absent’ was commissioned by UK-based period poverty charity Freedom4Girls to highlight the taboo and shame still present around periods. 

Directed by Libby Burke Wilde

Written by Lucy MacCarthy

​Shot by Molly Manning Walker

Production: Dog Eat Dog

EP: Harvey Ascott



Colour by Jack

Wank Wiggle is a global lockdown project celebrating International Masterbation Month.

Director Raine Allen-Miller

EP Tash Tan

Producer Elly Camisa

Casting Kharmel Cochrane casting

DOP Anni Summerson

Production Design Anna Rhodes

Choreography Ally Green

Styling Verity May Lane

Grade Jack McGinity at CHEAT

Edit Elise Butt at Trim

Sound Design Mark Hills at Factory

VFX Producer Tom Igglesden at Untold Studios

2D Artists Alex Kulikov, George Rockliffe and Tom Moreland at Untold Studios

Graphic Design Toby Tooth

Song written by Raine Allen-Miller


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