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On The Edge

Channel 4’s new drama anthology ‘On The Edge’ champions new film-making talent serving up a raw slice of real life in modern Britain. The three films that aired today were all graded at Cheat. Watch them now on All4!




In this bittersweet comedy, young Jane (Aimee Lou Wood) tries to cope with her controlling mum (Rosie Cavaliero), who struggles with hoarding.

Grade by Karol

Director: Nadira Amrani

Written by Sam O’Rourke 

DoP: Olan Collardy



Gut-wrenching horror exploring modern-day motherhood. Maia (Ellora Torchia) ought to be happy: she has a wonderful husband, a nice home and a lovely baby. But something terrifying is happening.

Grade by Vlad

Directed by Chloe Wicksy

DoP: Ali Little

Written by Nessah Aisha Muthy



Keon (Martin McCann) takes his young son Wesley (Joseph Obasohan) on a road trip. But Keon is supposed to be in a psychiatric hospital, and his lies soon start to unravel…

Grade by Vlad

Directed by Theo James Krekis

DoP: Anna MacDonald

Written by Daniel Rusteau

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